My 30 Picks to Remix {and a Few Tips for Choosing Yours}

The most stressful part of a 30 for 30 wardrobe challenge? Without a doubt it’s choosing your 30 pieces. These are the clothes that you are married to for the next 30 days, you are literally taking a vow to be together until death (or laundry) do you part. Dramatic yes, true, possibly.

{Seriously old picture from my ‘fashion blogger’ days. One part DIY, two parts remix.}

I know, my humour could use some work, thankfully, I still have my fashion sense right? So on that note – I chose my 30 pieces for this round of the #Moms30for30. Before I share my not great photos, I thought it might be helpful to share a few tips on what to choose if you are joining us for this round.


  1. Make sure it fits and you like it! There is nothing worse than adding white jean capris to your 30 for 30 choices and realizing on day 3 that they don’t fit anymore. (This happened to someone I know, not me.)
  2. Do not shop outside your closet. If you read my intro post, you already no the only rule to participate was owning 30 pieces of clothing. You must pick from what you own – no shopping for the challenge!
  3. Mix it up – a few easy to style pieces, and a few tough ones. As much as the wardrobe remix challenge is about creating new outfits, be sure to have a few easy pieces like jeans and a couple of tee shirts, for days when you’ve got serious mom brain.
  4. Choose more bottoms than tops. Just trust me on this one
  5. If you are choosing dresses don’t forget to add a few cardigans or blazers. Your arms will thank you on chilly evenings.
  6. Organize your accessories before the challenge starts. I find the #Moms30for30 is the perfect time to pull out my accessories and shoes and see if I can actually use them. I usually end up purging my accessories just before or after a wardrobe challenge.


So it’s been a while since I completed a 30 for 30 challenge, and I’ve become pretty boring in the way I dress since I first started blogging. That’s partly because my work is busier and I don’t blog about fashion anymore, but it also has to do with not being happy about my weight at the moment. So  my goal for this round of the #Moms30for30 is start enjoying dressing up again. I used to love planning outfits and taking pictures, and I really want to get over my stress about looking hippy, and my newly acquired double chin and just enjoy the process.

I actually didn’t put too much thought into my choices this time and just grabbed some things that fit. I did take pictures of everything, but did a horrible job with laying them out and sizing them. I am sharing them below so you can keep me honest, but advance apologies about some of them being cut off!


10 TOPS:






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