About Me

Hi! I’m Raj, a communications professional who loves to cook and travel. I’ve lived in Surrey, BC pretty much my whole life. A West Coast girl, but Punjabi at heart.

I share my love for cooking through easy weeknight friendly recipes that are often inspired by my heritage. You can also find my travel diaries, restaurant recommendations, and mid-size friendly outfit inspiration sprinkled through the Pink Chai Living site.

When I’m not testing recipes or planning my next trip, I work as Creative Director at Pink Chai Media – a multicultural marketing agency that I founded at my kitchen table. My professional work focuses on creating culturally appropriate marketing for South Asian consumers.

I’m also a mom to two pretty amazing teenagers, happily married, and obsessed with my plants. I share more about all my favourite people and life in the Pink Chai home over on my Insta Stories. Join me there too!

Okay, but why Pink Chai?

Everyone always wants to know how this page of mine ended up with the name Pink Chai. I wish it was an exciting or insightful story but here’s how it goes. Pink is and has always been my favourite colour. So when I first started my ‘web blog’ nearly 13 years ago and was stuck on what to name it, I called up my friend Lori and said to her “I really want my blog name to have pink in it, and then some word that represents my cultural background but everyone gets – something like chai.” Lori said – why not name it Pink Chai? And the rest as they say is history.

These days, I like to think that Pink represents the heart-centric nature of my work, and Chai is a sort of synonym for the cultures I represent under the umbrella of South Asian marketing.