DIY Mandala Wall Art

When we moved into our new office (which I promise I will show you guys soon, current mood: procrastination), I knew I wanted to have at least one ‘fun’ wall. We thought about doing a bold wallpaper, and there was much debate over a cork board wall, but we finally settled on some mandala wall art. Originally I was going to order some sort of vinyl piece from Etsy, but then we were at the office painting and I was inspired. I ran out to the stationary store, grabbed some Sharpies and got started.

In all honesty, once I started drawing I kind of freaked out. Taking a Sharpie to your freshly painted wall with almost no planning is a pretty dumb idea. If things go wrong, you have to paint all over again, and probably 3-4 coats. Since I know you are a far more responsible adult than me and would put some thought into a project like this, I’ve tried to create a sort-of road map for those of you that might want to tackle a project like this.

DIY Mandala Wall Art | With a Sharpie and no stencils!

The only issue is; due to my sudden decision to attack our office wall with a Sharpie, I didn’t really take step-by-step pics. Thankfully my friend/colleague Aziz (who is pretty handy with a camera), had the thought to record a time-lapse video of the whole process, and take a few pictures while I was working. So I’m going to use those pictures and try to walk you through the process. Forgive me for being such a bad blogger, k?


Select the type of mandala you want to draw.

We are looking for a basic idea here – not something you are going to replicate exactly. Unless you are master artist – in which case, why are you reading my budget drawing tips? I had a basic idea from looking at lots of mandala videos on YouTube, that I wanted to do one with big leaves/petals around the outside, and another with small bubble like leaves.

DIY Mandala Wall Art | With a Sharpie and no stencils!

Mark your largest and smallest circles with a pencil.

Before I began drawing with a permanent pen, I did draw out the large circle on the left, and the smaller circle on the right with a pencil to give myself a bit of a guide.

To make my circles I used the string and pencil method which is explained really well in this video.

Work from the centre of the mandala towards the outside.

I’m not sure why this works better, but it’s how I approach mandalas whether I’m drawing them in my notebook, or on a wall. I work from the inside out.

Resist the urge to fill in every spot

After each section you work on try stepping back and looking at your work. It’s tempting to fill in every section of the mandala, in fact, as I’m writing this post and staring at my wall I feel like adding something right now!


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In case you missed it because you aren’t subscribed to my YouTube channel yet (which would make no sense), here is the time lapse video of the whole process.


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  1. April 27, 2018 / 12:22 am

    A very easy way of changing a room or space is with wall art. thanks for sharing this lovely idea with us. Keep posting.

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