The Pink Accent Wall

I love the colour pink. Especially deep fuchsia hues, and bright saturated pinks. The only shade that I don’t adore is baby pink, or anything that borders on peach – those are not my colours. So when we decided to paint our place it was natural that I wanted to add a touch of pink to the decor scheme. My first instinct was to choose pink textiles; maybe a comforter or some drapes, but then I started thinking about a pink wall. pink accent wall

I picked up this inspiration chip on my first paint related visit to Home Depot and was instantly smitten. I placed it strategically on the kitchen table hoping Mr. T would see it and fall in love – he didn’t even notice it. Then I taped it to the wall above my desk for a few days, even though I wasn’t completely sold, there was something about this palette that spoke to me. 

On a secondary visit to Home Depot I met the most amazing paint department representative, who happens to be an interior designer by trade but works at the store because it’s easier to balance her schedule with kids that way. Sweet serendipity right? She encouraged me to stop looking at the lighter pink and focus on the deeper raspberry colour. Then she sent me home with three little paint pots. I had a favourite, but she convinced me that I should try a few colours on the wall and see how I feel after living with them for a few days. (So worth the $15).ralph lauren paints

I went straight home and put some paint swatches on the wall, even though it was almost 10 pm and way to dark to judge a paint colour. Seeing the colours on the wall made such a big difference! I instantly fell in love with Victorian Pink by Ralph Lauren. Mr. T said he was shocked that I chose designer paint (cheeky).

AZ0_1825webMy personal paint expert at Home Depot help me pick out a beautiful warm white by Behr to go on the other walls in the kitchen and living room. (The accent wall is a long wall that connects our kitchen and living room.) I was so relieved she was there, otherwise I would have had no clue how to match a colour to something so deep!

{In the photo above you can see the swatches, and below is the accent wall & connecting wall.}pink accent wallI’ll tell you more about my experience with the Behr paint in a future post, for now let’s just focus on this gorgeous rich paint by Ralph Lauren. I tried to find a similar shade in a less expensive paint because I’m on a strict $300 budget for this project, but there was nothing else that compared. In fact, every colour in this line is deep and rich, and different than average paint colours. I guess that is to be expected when Ralph Lauren chooses paint colours! The coverage was amazing, and I only had to use 2 coats to get a streak free look. This is a paint I would definitely use again – especially for a dark colour. 

Now that I have a blank pink canvas that I absolutely love to work with, I’ve started to add photos and other accents (mainly in navy & gold) to the room, and it’s really coming together. I should have another update on the dining room/living room next week with some decor pictures too.  {In the meantime you can see my inspiration pics on Pinterest}

I know a lot of people are afraid of dark colours, but they are so lovely and I think they add so much personality to a room. When you think of a pink accent wall you would probably think of it as over-powering, or juvenile, but it can be quite warm and sophisticated if you choose a deep shade. 

Would you, or have you ever painted an accent wall in a bold colour?

Images by Aziz Dhamani for Pink Chai Living

Heads up – Home Depot provided me with product as part of this collaboration, but as always the opinions are my own, and I only share products I use & love.




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  1. June 2, 2015 / 8:13 am

    Love the color…im sure the house looks gorgeous!

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