Reusing Indian Wedding Outfits: Reception Lehenga

There is never going to be a piece of clothing as special as your wedding or reception joda, yet so many desi girls just let their wedding outfits waste away in the back of the closet or under the bed. We’ve invested thousands of dollars into these pieces sometimes, and they only get one day in the sun?

For years I’ve been itching to recreate some of my favourite pieces from my bridal trousseau but the timing has never really worked out. When my younger sister got married Zara was quite young and I just couldn’t imagine wearing these heavy pieces and carrying her around, but I finally got my wish to ‘be bridal’ again at my cousin Esha’s wedding. 

I shopped my closet and pulled out two pieces that I thought could work together – my reception lehenga, and a net pink sari from my wedding clothes. My reception lehenga was one of the first pieces I bought when I started shopping for my wedding, and I still love the simplicity of all-over red. Initially I thought I would have the super heavy dupattta re-styled into a kameez, but I couldn’t bring myself to have it cut. Thankfully, seeing all my clothes out together gave me the idea to pair a kameez made from one of my saris with the lehenga!

reusing wedding lehenga

reusing wedding lehenga

Here is a before shot of me in my reception lehenga, and the sari before it was re-invented … Sorry I don’t have a better full shot of my lehenga (ironic because it was my reception!), and I sort of had to stage a pic of the sari because I couldn’t find a single one of me wearing it.

reinventing your wedding lehenga

The key to re-inventing pieces is to let go of any restrictions. It’s easy to feel like a certain kameez always goes with a certain colour or type of bottom, but Indian tailors can do amazing things if you are open to experimenting.

Speaking of tailors, I was so happy with the work that Pink Rose Tailors did for me on this and a few other pieces. They are proper tailors that will tell you what can and cannot be done with a piece of fabric, and take your current measurements. If you live in BC/Surrey/Vancouver, so worth the trek to Payal Centre.

reusing wedding lehenga

Cost: $80 for lining fabric and tailoring of the kurta

reusing wedding lehenga

reusing wedding lehengareusing wedding lehenga

Cost: $0
Old (from Mom’s trip to India), and borrowed from a friend.

The best part of re-inventing some of my old clothes was the cost benefit! I got to re-wear some of my favourite pieces, and it barely cost me anything. 

reusing wedding lehenga


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    Nice one, can you please give me the direct link where can I buy this.

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