Milk Mango Popsicles – A Nostalgic Summer Treat

Milk mango popsicles. This recipe is basically three of my favourite things put together; no bake desserts + frozen milk + nostalgia. When I was a kid, my grandmother used to make us “dhood-soda” (which is basically cream soda + milk), and then we’d pour it in a stainless steel bowl and freeze it. The result was a sweet, crystalized, snow cone type of thing that I just loved!

If you’ve never had a milk based popsicle, you are missing out. There is this insanely icy texture that you just don’t get with any other type. These milk mango popsicles are like a refined version of the summer dessert I used to make with my grandmother. I’ve added some cream to the recipe so the texture is a bit smoother, and kid-friendly. Also, for the benefit of my kids, I used mango puree, which to be honest, is a lot healthier than cream soda! (80’s kids, who was raising us?) ?

milk mango popsicle

milk mango popsicle

Besides being nostalgic for me, I love that this quick treat idea gets some BC Dairy milk into my kids. Am I the only mom, who feels like the day is incomplete if my kids don’t drink a little milk? Is this a desi mom only phenomenon?

Desi or not, all moms are always looking for a way to get our kids to eat more homemade and wholesome treats over pre-packed foods. These milk mango popsicles are always a winner at my place, and it  certainly doesn’t hurt that they are made with milk and fruit, and the kids don’t even know they are good for them. #momwin

Check out this video for directions on how to make milk mango popsicles, the exact quantities for ingredients are listed below.

Milk Mango Popsicles Recipe


2 cups of milk
½ cup of whipping cream
1 cup of mango puree


Mix all three items together
Pour into popsicle moulds
Freeze for 4-6 hours
Enjoy! (I told you this dessert is insanely easy)


This post is sponsored by BC Dairy, however, as always – the opinions are all my own!



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