Feeling Inspired By: 3/4 Painted Walls

partially-painted-walls-trendOver the last few months we’ve been making some slow but steady progress on our place. The living room finally has some curtains, I painted the bedroom, and the entry room got some art work. There’s one room that has been sorely neglected though, our dining room. Even though we bought a beautiful wooden harvest style table, we’ve pretty much left the walls blank. But, I’ve finally got a plan!

Since our living room and dining room are pretty small and connected, I have been trying to think of ways to give the dining room it’s own identity without the two rooms looking like a hodge-podge, and creating visual clutter.

[Photos below from when we first moved in to understand the placement of the dining room]

pink chai living roompink chai living room

Ever since I saw this reveal by Laura with her blush pink dining room, I’ve been thinking about painting our dining room a different colour than the living room, but I wasn’t sure how it would work in such a tight space. Plus I’m really in love with the idea of painting it a dark navy blue, which is super bold.

The other day I was sitting at the table in my sad blank dining room when it hit me – a 3/4 painted wall. I’m not even sure where I might have seen this look before, but a quick visit to pinterest and I was sold!

partially painted wallsA couple of inspiration pics I saved from Pinterest
[Source Top // Source Bottom]

partially painted wall
I haven’t figured out exactly how high I’ll paint the wall, but I think I might try to match it somewhat to the baseboard wall we have on the other side of the room [seen below].

pink chai living room
Along with the navy blue painted wall I have a couple of other ideas that I’d like to bring into the dining room like sheer navy curtains over the awkward windows, a triptych picture from one of my travels, and possibly a cool way to hang my phulkari

I think there is still quite a ways to go before I’m done decorating the house, but I am starting to see the light at the end of the decorating tunnel for these two rooms! 

PS: My home decor plan, The famous ‘pink wall’, and 5 Easy Home Decor Projects.


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