What I Wore: {Petite} Birthday Dress


A few years ago a good friend told me that she was going out after work to buy her ‘birthday dress’. This concept was both foreign and intriguing to me – treating yourself you to a new dress on your birthday every year; now there’s an idea I can get behind! So for the last 3 years I’ve gone shopping all by myself and picked out a new dress for my birthday, but I have to say, this year’s dress is the best! (My birthday was last Sunday).

AZO_3351{Dress: LOFT Canada, Earrings: Forever 21}

I tried this dress on a few months ago when LOFT first opened at GTC, but it just didn’t fit right. However, when I went back last week the sales gal suggested I try a petite size for a better fit in the shoulder and chest area. You can wear petite sizes if you aren’t under 5’2″? This is life changing information for me! I ended up buying two dresses and one pair of pants from the petite section that night. 


Totally excuse the lack of variety in poses or facial expressions in these pics. Apparently I’m super out of practice when it comes to posing for pictures in public places with an audience! But the good news is I have been keeping up with the October challenge – I’ve just been horrible about posting pics!


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