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I was so excited about the 30 for 30 remix last month. I’ve been feeling the need to purge and re-organize my wardrobe, so a closet challenge felt like the perfect summer plan. Sadly I only made it about half-way through and then injured my knee which basically threw any plans to dress up out the window. I spent the last 10 days of July in bed in my sweats. outfit ideas, pink chai livingoutfit ideas, pink chai living

Even though I wasn’t successful with finishing the challenge, I still got some great takeaways from the whole process of selecting my 30 pieces, and styling them for about 18 days. First and most important, it reminded me that I love dressing up all the way – accessories, make-up, shoes; the whole nine yards. No more under-accessorizing for the home office, I’m gong to take all my jewelry out this week and play!outfit ideas, pink chai livingoutfit ideas, pink chai living

My second lesson; dress pants and I will never be friends. Every fall I force myself to buy a few pairs of pants and I pretty much never wear them unless I’m in a blogging challenge. I just don’t like wearing pants, go figure. Me and my dresses are perfectly happy to be paired with tights and boots in the fall, so bye-bye dress pants.outfit ideas, pink chai living

The third epiphany? I love Indo-Western fusion everyday (no surprise there). I already use my Indian accessories a lot with my Western wardrobe, but I think it’s time to start playing with ways to bring more of my Indian clothes out of the back of my closet  and start remixing!

Images by: Aziz Dhamani Photorgraphy

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