What I Wore: All Dressed Up

pink chai living what i woreRecently a client (Guildford Town Centre) celebrated their 50th Anniversary and held some pretty special events to celebrate. One of those events was a VIP reception to kick off their attempt at setting a Guinness World Record for World’s Largest Carrot Cake.

The reception was kind of formal and dressing up was required. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I don’t really own any dresses that fit me at the moment so I had to buy something new. I wasn’t really keen on shopping for a new piece because I’m between sizes and hoping my current clothes won’t fit me soon. But there was no avoiding a purchase, so I settled on this dress from H&M.

dsc_1245adDress: H&M, Shoes: Le Chateau, Bag: Calvin Klein

I normally shy away from fitted dresses like this. In fact, I’ve always favoured a slightly a-line silhouette, even before I started feeling self-conscious about my weight. Something about this dress caught my eye, and I decided to try a new fit even though it was a bit shorter than the dresses I normally wear. 

Next time I wear this dress I’ll probably pair it with black tights and blazer, or maybe even layer a tank under it and rock some black leather boots. I’ll keep you posted on remix styles.

dsc_1238adMr. T also cleans up pretty nice hey!

dsc_1246adI have to mention, that night was also the first time I ever had my hair blow dried professionally, and I loved it! It was such a treat and my hair looked great for 3 days after the event. Honestly I probably could have kept it for longer but I was getting a bit tired of the product in my hair.

A professional blow dry is definitely worth the splurge, and something I will do again. Maybe when I have a busy work week or a family wedding. 





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