Vaisakhi Countdown Calendar

How fun is this hanging Vaisakhi countdown calendar? It’s a simple DIY made with just a few Dollar Store supplies, but it’s sure to get your kids interested in and excited about Vaisakhi! When it comes to cultural and religious holidays, it can be hard to get the kids as excited as they get by their Western counterparts like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. I feel that’s because there is so much build up and so many activities around mainstream holidays. That’s why we parents have to put in the work and make our festivals just as exciting for the littles. Enter – Vaisakhi Countdown Calendar.

If you are following our 13 Days of Vaisakhi Countdown, you can place an item related to the activity of the day in each of the boxes. Or, you could place a small treat along with a personal note in each daily box. Whatever you choose, the idea is to keep this as a fun activity for the kids. There should be an excitement to opening a new box each day and finding a surprise inside!

How to Make the Vaisakhi Countdown Calendar


  • 7 – two drawer cardboard jewelry boxes from the Dollar Store. (If you can’t find these, a similar calendar can be made using matchboxes. You can see an example here by Hey Macca).
  • Scissors or exacto knife to cut boxes
  • Number stickers
  • Ribbon for hanging your daily boxes
  • Rod or gift wrap roll for hanging the boxes from. I used a gift wrap roll


  1. Start by separating your two drawers by cutting down the centre. This will create two individual drawers that we will use to create our daily countdown box.
Vaisakhi Countdown Calendar by Pink Chai Living

2. Lay your boxes out in the order you’d like them to hang on the wall and label them with numbered stickers.

3. Cut ribbons in varying lengths and use them to hang the drawers from either a dowel road or a roll of wrapping paper like I’ve done.


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