13 Days of Vaisakhi – Kid’s Activity Calendar

Vaisakhi is the Sikh New Year festival and one of the most important dates in the Sikh calendar. Yet I find that parents often struggle to get their little ones excited about it. I can totally relate, when my kids were in elementary school I remember competing with the Easter crafts and chocolate egg hunts and how hard that was. That’s exactly why the 13 Days of Vaisakhi activity countdown was created, and now I’m excited to share it with all of you!

What is the 13 Days of Vaisakhi Countdown?

This countdown is a series of fun activities to do with your kids in the days leading up to Vaisakhi. We’ve varied the activities to include some easier tasks that the littlest ones in your family can do, like – melted crayon colouring, watering plants, and even learning a bhangra dance. We’ve also sprinkled in lessons on Sikhi through activities like – coloured roses in honour of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s poetic spirit, Anandpur Sahib activity sheets, and random acts of Seva for the whole family to participate in together.

To start off you can create a countdown calendar to hang somewhere in the house with the help of a few dollar store supplies. Or, if you don’t have the time or capacity for that this year, just print out our simple 13 Days of Vaisakhi countdown calendar. The kids can check off activities as they complete them, or mark them off with stickers. Whatever gets them excited! (PS: How cute are these happy face stickers🙂

Each activity in the 13 Days of Vaisakhi countdown has it’s own blog post with details on the days activities, supply lists for any crafts for food activities, and most importantly we’ve tried to include conversation starters you can use with the kids.

You can download a printable checklist of the activities here. Or, if you are feeling extra crafty, why not make a hanging countdown calendar for Vaisakhi?

  1. Ek Onkar Tissue Craft
  2. Plant Something
  3. Anandpur Activity Sheets
  4. Make Gur Vale Pancakes
  5. Random Acts of Seva
  6. Celebrate with Bhangra
  7. Colouring Pages
  8. Cookie Decorating
  9. Dyeing Roses
  10. Vaisakhi Bingo
  11. Singh & Kaur Craft
  12. Khanda Painting Project
  13. Make Kheer and Share it

Notes About the Activities

Before you begin the countdown calendar we’d like to share a few notes about the intention of this countdown and the spirit we’ve created it in.

Firstly, we are looking at Vaisakhi from the Sikh perspective, and also as an important harvest festival for the farmers in Punjab. The activities are a mix of Sikhi based learnings and cultural references from Punjab. If any activities don’t resonate with you and the way your family celebrates Vaisakhi, feel free to adjust as you see appropriate.

We’d also like to state that we are not experts in all things religious, however, we have done a fair amount of research and cited our sources wherever possible. That being said as Sikhs we are lifelong students, so if you see something that we could do better, or you’d like to share feedback on the activity calendar, please email raj@pinkchaimedia.com

Also a gentle reminder that crafts with religious symbols on them should always be treated with utmost respect. Make sure that you are only printing what you need, and working in a clean environment. Such crafts should also be stored in well-kept clean spaces. 

Tips for Parents

As you get yourself set-up to complete the 13 Days of Vaisakhi countdown with your kids, remember, this isn’t about creating Instagram worthy crafts. The last thing we want to do is stress you out. These activities are simply meant to help you start conversations with your kids about Vaisakhi and Sikhi. If you a miss a day on the calendar, it’s okay! If you don’t have the supplies for one craft, that’s totally fine. Just do the best that you can, that’s all that matters!


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