These Lines of Mehendi – A Novella

This week’s read is These Lines of Mehendi by Sumeetha Manikandan. This book is actually a novella and only 148 pages. I think the only the other novella I have read is Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it’s just not a style of writing I tend to pick up. My go to is usually longer novels that I can get into and really soak up the characters. 

The main characters of These Lines of Mehendi are Lalita, a young widow who is trying to keep her struggling beauty parlour running, and Srikant, a self-proclaimed bachelor for life being forced into marriage by his invalid mother. The story is kind of ‘filmy’, following Lalita and Shrikant as they are sort of forced into a marriage of convenience by societal and parental pressure. They decide to live together as “just friends” for various reasons, and then of course, things happen, their relationship dynamics change, and the arrangement starts to change. 

It’s a quick and easy read. Perfect if you are short on time but want to read something with a bit of a desi flair to it. I believe it comes as double header with another book, or you can buy it on it’s own for your e-reader like I did. 



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