The Best Piece of Clothing I Bought This Year

We all have pieces of clothing in our wardrobe that we keep going back to. No matter how many times we’ve worn them, or how many other options we have these ‘hall of fame’ pieces are always our first pick. My wardrobe MVP’s are usually dresses or button up shirts. Once I find a print and a fit that works in either, I can’t stop wearing them. 

This year though, my best wardrobe purchase was this jumpsuit/coverall/fancy adult onsie thing from Old Navy. Before this I’ve mostly avoided jumpsuits. Since my body is kind of pear shaped {smaller on top and wider at the hips} they don’t usually work for me. This jumpsuit though fits so well, is super comfy, and I love the colour. 

old navy jumpsuit

To be perfectly honest, I was unsure about wearing this look at first. I thought I looked bigger than usual in it, and it seemed to be calling attention to my tush. Thankfully, I was shopping with Zara the day I bought this piece and she is my eternal cheerleader & totally saw the potential in this look. 

The exact colour I bought isn’t available on the site anymore, but this slighter lighter blue version is on sale right now. Plus if you spend $50 at shipping is free – so go ahead, buy two things!

old navy jumpsuit

These pics are a couple of weeks old from my trip to Armstrong when it was just a bit colder, so I’m wearing ankle boots. My plan for the summer is to pair the overalls with sandals or pumps for work, and converse or keds for weekends. Can’t wait to wear the heck out of these beauties. 

A look at one other way I styled the same piece with slip on jhuttis and curled hair for the office last week…

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jumpsuit, old navy, pink chai living

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jumpsuit, old navy, pink chai living

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PS: This jumpsuit caused a lot of commotion on Instagram a few weeks ago! Guys seem to think they are meant to be worn for mowing the lawn or changing the oil in your car, and women love them. What do you think?

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