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I pretty much have my heart set on living in BC forever, and most likely in the Lower Mainland. However, if I ever decide to move it might be to Armstrong BC. I visited the town a couple of weeks ago, and I’m smitten. You don’t have to pack up and move to Armstrong, but it is definitely worth adding to your must see in BC list.

We visited so many amazing places on our trip, and it would be impossible to share all of them in one post, so today I’m going to give you the breakdown of how to get to Armstrong, where to stay, and a few of my favourite experiences.


armstrong bc

The drive from Surrey to Armstrong is about 5 hours, and like most BC drives it was beautiful. We drove the Kamloops route because we were stopping in Enderby for the night, but you can also go through Kelowna.

the maple b&b , armstrong bc

the maple b&b , armstrong bc

Intimate and Cozy – The Maple B&B
This is one of the cleanest, well decorated B&Bs I’ve ever stayed in, and it’s run by the sweetest couple Colby and Ivan. The have a great layout where you can come and go at your own convenience – we actually got the Tour de Maple room which has completely private access and it’s own little yard. The breakfast Colby made was amazing, and Ivan even sang me a song. The Maple B&B is in the heart of Armstrong and if you really want the feel like a resident, this is the place to stay.

the castle at swan lake

Spacious and Modern – The Castle at Swan Lake
This hotel is technically in Vernon, but it’s only a 10-12 minute drive from Armstrong. It’s all-suites hotel, and each suite can easily sleep 6 people. It’s perfect if you are traveling with kids because the suits have two floors with separate bedrooms and bathrooms. There is also a kitchen if you’d like to make some of your own meals. 

Armstrong is one of those places where some people might say there is nothing to do, and others (like myself) would say the beauty is that you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to! For me, Armstrong is the type of place to wander around, pop in and out of shops, grab a bite to eat, and then go for a beautiful drive. It’s not about racing to see and do everything on a list. 

al price, armstrong bc

Take a pottery class with Al Price. 
Al is such a lovely soul, and has a very calming aura about him, I could have spent all afternoon listening to him talk about his discovery of ceramic art as his passion, and his inspirations. If you are going on a solo trip, or with a group of girlfriends, I would definitely try out a class with Al. 

Enjoy a show at the Caravan Farm Theatre
While I didn’t get to see a show because the season hadn’t quite started yet, I visited the grounds where the Caravan Farm Theatre shows are held, and heard so much about them from the residents that I’m making them a must see!

Taste Everything You Can at Chocoliro Chocolates
Seriously, you can’t get a bad piece of chocolate here. Everything is so good! The shop is run by a Swiss couple that brought the craft of chocolate making to the Thompson Okanagan, and it is not the chocolate we are used to eating here in Canada that’s for sure.

Wander the Antique Shops
There are so many treasures at the antique shops that line the main road in town, and they have so many treasures. My find was a beautiful high quality edition of The Rubiyat by Omar Khayyam, translated by Edward Fitzgerald.

otter lake armstrong bc
Watch the Sunset at Otter Lake
This spot was my absolute favourite in Armstrong. So peaceful and beautiful. 

Enjoy the Interior Provincial Exhibition {IPE}
If you are lucky enough to visit at the right time of summer, you could be a part of Western Canada’s largest agricultural exhibition. I’m told that this tiny town hosts 150,000 people for the event! Just make sure to book your accommodations early! 

Taste the Wines at Edge of the Earth Winery
This winery really does feel like it’s at the edge of the earth, and it takes a few twists and turns to find it, but it is totally worth it! They introduced me to some new types and blends of wines that I’ve never come across before, and their prices are unbelievable. 

armstrong bc

So many choices, so much good food, here are some of my favourite places to grab a bite in Armstrong

Wild Oak Cafe for sandwiches, healthy bowls, and the best avocado toast ever.

Tucker’s Family Restaurant for homestyle, stick to your ribs comfort food. If you go, try the butter chicken, probably the best interpretation of this classic I’ve ever had.

country bakery armstrong bc

Country Bakery is the place to go for a coffee & pastry break. I know it’s going to sound crazy, but the pastries here rival some of the ones I tried in Paris. So good!

Fairways Bistro is the spot for a slow dinner with a side of wine or cocktails. The food is so good, but so uncomplicated. It’s pub food elevated, and so reasonably priced. Plan to come here on a lazy evening and sit on the patio if possible, take your time and enjoy the view.


armstrong bc

Armstrong is a great place to head if you are looking for a low-stress, relaxing getaway. Most restaurants and shops close early 9/9:30 on weekdays, and some even earlier on Sunday. Your evenings will be spent relaxing, reading, or going for walks and drives. For me it was kind of perfect. A sleepy little town with no stoplights, plenty of beautiful outdoor spaces, and no pressure to tick off a bunch of must-do’s on a list.


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