Reinventing a Dupatta as a Scarf

Scarves are probably my favourite accessory of all time. I have my winter scarves (thick and cozy), my summer scarves (light weight and whimsical), and even my desi scarves; also known as shawls, and perfect to pair with sarees and suits. What I’ve never thought to do until recently though is to pair the dupattas from Indian outfits with my Western pieces.dupatta as a scarf, tips and ideas, pink chai living

One of the reasons I’ve never thought to use a dupatta with a Western look is that most of my dupattas are quite thick and heavy. When I choose Indian outfits I tend to go with a simple kameez paired with an embellished dupatta – some of my pieces would almost look to over the top or ‘costumey’ with jeans or a dress. Recently though I was admiring one of my Bibi’s old chiffon dupattas and decided to pair it with a simple shift dress for a meeting (partly for fashion and partly for nostalgia) – it was a hit!

I think the key to turning a dupatta into a scarf is to pick something lightweight with limited embellishment. My go-to look for scarves is a classic scarf knot (I believe some people call it the European knot too).

Reinventing a dupatta as a scarf:
dupatta as a scarf, tips and ideas for styling, pink chai livingFor this look you’ll want to: fold the dupatta in half width wise, and then again length wise, drape it around your neck with the looped end on one shoulder, pull the long end through the loop, and fluff. using old dupattas in a new way, styling tips

Another fun idea for reinventing your dupatta is to use it as a cocktail shawl. Just fold it in half width wise and wrap it around your shoulders. I think this would be a fun look for an evening event or afternoon wedding. dupatta as a scarfDo you have any tips or tricks for mixing your Indian pieces with your Western wardrobe? Leave a comment and share a suggestion, I’d love to hear from you!




  1. salmadinani
    July 24, 2015 / 11:19 am

    Great idea, putting fashion and an important memribilia together

  2. July 27, 2015 / 6:43 am

    Love all of these looks. And such a special way to use something of your Bibi’s.

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