The Perfect Atta Container – Does it Exist?

There is just one thing I want for Christmas this year … the perfect atta {roti flour} container. Does anyone have a hookup with the North Pole or the Container Store – can you make this happen for me?

Over the last few months I’ve gone through the painstaking process of clearing out my pantry, donating extra food items, and throwing away things that were stale. I now have the perfect little cabinet for all the dry ingredients that  I use for cooking Indian food. Everything but a container that I like and will fit a 10kg bag of Sher Atta {our atta of choice}. Without the perfect container for regular roti flour I haven’t been able to get anything for my other flours either. Because they all have to match obviously!indian food pantry

This is my Indian food pantry – my pride and joy. {Just pretend that you don’t notice how Mr. T accidentally built the shelf on the left with one of the boards facing backwards.} The section on the right holds all my dals (lentils), nuts, and other random items saboodana (tapioca pearls), boondi, and wadiyan.  We are planning on adding a door to the cabinet on the left too, and then I’ll store all my different Indian cooking flours there; whole wheat, maki (corn), and besan (chickpea). The bottom shelf is reserved for my giant saag pot. 

Since I love how the glass storage containers look on the right, I want to find glass containers for the left side too. The problem is, it’s nearly impossible to find a glass canister that can hold 10kg of atta, and if you do find one the mouth isn’t wide enough for pouring. I did almost find the perfect container at Target once, but it didn’t have matching mini versions for besan and maki da atta. Another issue with glass ins the weight, I want the containers to be sturdy but not so heavy I have a hard time taking them in and out of the cupboard.

williams sonoma glass canisters{So in love with this set of cannisters from Williams Sonoma!}

After looking for weeks at local retailers I’ve taken to online shopping in my pursuit of atta storage perfection, and as usual I’m in love with something that is out of budget. Like most things I’m crushing on at Williams Sonoma I just can’t bring myself to spend $173 + for storage canisters. But you have to admit….they are pretty right?

So basically, I’m back at square one & looking to the big guy in the red suit to solve this dilemma for me. Or maybe I’ll convince the other guy in my life to take me on a road trip to Seattle and we can hit up World Market and the Container store.

What on your Christmas wish list this year? Anyone else lusting after an organized pantry for the new year?







  1. kuljitg
    December 31, 2014 / 11:09 am

    FYI – I learned this after taking the long drive done to Bellevue the last time – You can shop the Container Store Online and they actually ship to Canada. Saves the drive!

    • April 6, 2018 / 9:26 am

      Thanks for sharing, such a good idea!

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