My Winter Break Reading List

Hey guys! I’m writing this quick little update from our room at the Embassy Suites in Portland where we are going to be crashing for the next three days. For the last few years we’ve planned a post Christmas get-away where we basically eat, sleep, and chill – and I read. It’s perfection!

The first year we went away I finished the Bengal Trilogy by Tahmima Anam, last year I got a start on the Harry Potter series & dug deep into some business and self-help reads, and this year my reading list is all fun. I’ve got four books in my bag – which might seem extreme, but one book only has a couple chapters left to read, and we have 10 hours of driving time on this trip, so you know… Enough chit chat, here’s my list!

My Winter Reading List

The Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

The shopaholic books are my guilty pleasure. Just like nothing beats a sappy rom-com sometimes, there are days when nothing compares to reading about the misadventures of Becky Bloomwood. I was so excited to hear that a new book was out in the series, and was over the moon when my friends Johnny & Lisa managed to get to me a signed copy for my birthday!

Pride Prejudice and Other Flavours by Sonali Dev

I’ve never read anything by Sonali, but the cover and the title of this book got me on a recent Walmart run. (PS: if you don’t already know, Walmart has a 40% off books bin and sometimes they are new releases!) The back of the book reads “… a new series about the Rajes, an immigrant Indian family descended from royalty, who have built their lives in San Francisco …” Sound juicy right?

The Stationery Shop by Marjan Kamali

Confession: I buy a lot of books because they have pretty covers. The Stationery Shop is one of those books. This book landed in my cart at Shoppers Drug Mart pretty absent-mindedly, but thankfully, the story seems pretty intriguing. “Set against the political turmoil of 1950’s Tehran, … illuminates how love is experienced over time and influenced by the fingerprints of others.”

The Bookshop on the Shore by Jenny Colgan

This book caught my eye because it is all about a single mother from London who turns into a small-town book seller in Scotland in an attempt to create a fresh start for her son. Three of my favourite themes in reading – books/storytelling, motherhood moments, and a new country (I’ve never read a book set in Scotland before!)



What’s on your reading list this winter?

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