My Lohri Tablescape & Decor

This weekend my family will be celebrating Lohri the same way we have for the last few years. I make a pot of saag, and then we bring it over to our friends Johnny & Lisa’s house, where Lisa makes her famous super soft makki di roti (and the best tari wala chicken ever), and everyone eats their heart out. I love that our sort of ‘potluck’ dinner celebrates the true feeling of the festival – celebrating your harvest, sharing with your community, and breaking bread with friends & family. This is one my favourite family traditions.

This year though, I also wanted to explore the idea of decorating for Lohri. It’s a pretty rustic festival and it’s not really known for it’s sparkle, but we can change that right? 😉 Taking inspiration from the North American harvest festival – Thanksgiving, I pulled earthy/fall colours which was the perfect excuse to bring out my phulkari bhag. And of course, there had to be, a touch of pink!

Take a peek at the pictures below, and then don’t forget to click through to watch the video of it all coming together.

lohri tablescape and decor 2


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lohri tablescape

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