A Night at the Royal BC Museum

It’s no secret that I love museums (and libraries, antique shops, or old filing cabinets full of forgotten paperwork). Any afternoon that connects me to history, art, or language is perfection, but a night at the museum with my kids, that’s the ultimate experience! We recently got to spend a few evening hours wandering the Egypt exhibit at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria – on New Year’s Eve no less, and it was pretty perfect. 

So a little bit of sweet serendipity happened for us to end up at Royal BC Museum that night. First we realized that the hubby’s passport was expired and we couldn’t go to Seattle for the New Year as expected. Then once we booked a last minute trip to Victoria, I was frantically searching google for something interesting to do on New Year’s Eve and saw that the Royal BC Museum had an Egypt exhibit going on, and December 31st was the last day! Kind of crazy right? Sadly, the exhibit was at capacity for the day, but the museum offered us the chance to join their evening family program and walk through in the evening and enjoy some special learning stations, and some nibbles. 

royal bc museum

I’m not even kidding when I say going to the museum together is the perfect family activity. Everyone can stop and look at whatever part of the exhibit is interesting to them, there are plenty of opportunities to start a discussion, and you get to learn new things. It can also be the start of a new interest or exploration for the littles. Who knows, someone might want to become a historian after walking through an exhibit on Egypt? (Or maybe a wildlife photographer after wandering through the upcoming exhibit at Royal BC Museum: Wildlife Photographer of the Year?)

royal bc museum

If you are in Victoria, I highly recommend checking out all the family activities at the museum. They also have camps over spring break if you are looking for something fun for the kids. Also, there is a real ‘night at the museum‘ event once a year where you can actually sleep over! I’m thinking we might need to plan a trip back for that 🙂

If you don’t live in the Victoria area don’t forget to put the Royal BC Museum on your must see list when you do visit. Or check out your local museum, I bet they have some great exhibits and family days too! 

What’s your favourite museum? I don’t think I’ve been to enough to have a favourite, but the Louvre with Zara was a really special experience! Leave a comment and let me know.








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