Milk Masala: A Desi Alternative to Hot Chocolate

milk masala recipeMost desi moms at some point or another have tried to convince our kids to drink a glass of milk. It’s impossible not to think of milk as a super drink – it’s what our mom & grandma told us in most cases. For me, there is just something very comforting about my kids drinking a nice big glass of milk before bed. I feel like they are nourished & full, and they’ll wake up healthier & stronger. (I have no scientific data to back up this idea, it’s just mother’s intuition).

The problem is, my kids don’t really like to drink plain milk; and for that I blame chocolate milk and hot chocolate (and my husband, but that’s another story). They are always reaching for the Nesquick or asking for hot chocolate from Tim Hortons or Starbucks on the way home from school. Often in the winter I force them to have Haldi Dhood {Turmeric Milk}, but I hate having battles over food. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover Milk Masala at a food shop in Amritsar.milk masala recipe

Milk Masala is a mix of ground nuts, spices, and other Ayurvedic goodies, all packed with nutrients and vitamins growing kids need (and it’s delicious). The version I bought in Amritsar has:

Charmagaz|Melon Seeds
Khaskhas|Poppy Seeds
Brahmi Booti|Centella
Kuja Mishri|Crystaline Sugar 
Choti Elachi|Green Cardamom
Khajoor|Dry Datesmilk masala recipe

I did a little research when I got back though and found a variety of different recipes for milk masala online, and I think the key is really just to blend up whatever nuts and dry fruits you have in your cupboard and creating a healthy, tasty mix. I would go a little light-handed on the aromatics and spices if your kids aren’t used to those flavours yet. Some other options for add-ons to milk masala are:

Pumpkin Seeds
Dried Rose Petals
Black Peppercorns
Fennel Seeds
Cinnamonmilk masala recipe

The process for making Milk Masala is quite simple. Just lightly toast the nuts and aromatics in a frying pan on a very low heat. Transfer all your ingredients to a spice grinder and pulse into a powder. Don’t over mix as the nuts will start releasing oil and you’ll have nut butter instead.

I’m looking forward to trying to whip up a batch of my own Milk Masala when this store bought version runs out. So far the consensus from bacha-party {the kids} is that it tastes good but not as good as chocolate milk. When I make a batch at home I might even try adding a little cacao powder for a foreign twist to a desi favourite!




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  1. April 6, 2015 / 6:45 pm

    Really cool fusion idea to add cacao powder for a foreign twist!
    “Badam milks” are all the range amongst fitness junkies and vegans these days, so milk masala may become more and more popular!

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