Where to Eat in Amritsar

If you enjoy Punjabi food, there is no doubting that Amritsar is worth a visit for you! I grew up on a steady diet of home cooked Punjabi meals, and try to replicate those flavours in my kitchen every day, so Amritsar was the ultimate foodie destination for me. 20150222-AZ1_8998

I had a suspicion that the food in Amritsar was going to wow me, but seriously, I’m ruined for life. Never again will I be able to enjoy kulche channe, aloo wale paranthe, or jalebis without my mind wandering to the ‘galiyan’ of my new favourite city ever – Amritsar. 

There are so many choices for good food in Amritsar that it’s impossible to include every option {and honestly, unless you spend you spend 2-3 days just eating, you’ll never make it to all the local favourites.} This is a round-up of some of my absolute favourite foodie experiences.

Where to eat in Amritsar….

Amritsari Chai {Raj Tea Stall}
The chai all over India was amazing, but an adrik vali karak {strong ginger tea} Amritsari chai really hits the spot. I recommend this little tea shop around the corner from Bharawan da Dhaba in Hall Bazaar. Not only is it’s owner my namesake, but he makes the best made to order chai, one cup at a time.
where to eat in amritsarchai in amritsar

Bharawan da Dhaba
This place is practically an institution in Amritsar, and rightfully so. We loved this place so much that we had breakfast & lunch here one day – I think that speaks for itself! Just be sure that you go to the original Bharawan the Dhaba and not the one next door opened by family members of the original owner {confusing I know}. Two things you have to try here; the breakfast chane and the lassi. I know what you are thinking; how are breakfast chane different than regular chane. Trust me, they are – and they are the best chane you’ll ever taste. 

what to eat in amritsarSo many choices! Below is the Special Deluxe Lunch Thali & the Breakfast Chane with Aloo Wale Paranthe. The lassi is not pictured but you have to try it!bharawan da dhaba amritsar, where to eat in amritsar20150221-AZ1_8899

Spice Market/Sabzi Mandi/Papad Wadiyan Shop
I don’t remember exactly which sabzi (fresh produce) bazaar we went to, but you have to go to one. It’s in this bazaar that I found authentic spices, tasted a variety of achar {pickles}, and loaded up on; papad, wadiyan, soond (ginger powder), anardana (pomegranate powder), and kesar (saffron), among other things. If you like to cook, leave some space in your suitcase for your spice loot.

I also found the vendors to be quite nice and very open to letting me taste test and sample things. If you aren’t up for making purchases from just any old bazaar, there are plenty of ‘fancier’, indoor, A/C shops where you can pick up similar products. 

20150220-AZ1_8295A fresh produce vendor – I loved watching her interact with shoppers!

20150220-AZ1_8313Above – sampling from a wide variety of achar, and below – apparently shocking those guys by posing a sabzi market!where to eat in Amritsar

All India Famous Amritsari Kulche

Amritsari Kulche are my absolute favourite Punjabi dish of all time, and I was adamant on trying an authentic plate. We stopped by a few touristy spots and internet recommendations and nothing looked right. Finally a local directed us to a place near Lawrence Road called – All India Famous Amritsari Kulche.

Advance warning; this is not a high-fi place. You have to overlook the fact that they are cooking out in the open, and buttering you kulche with their hands and just focus on the flavours. It is totally worth sitting on rickety chairs on the side of the road, because this is a flavour experience you’ll never get anywhere else. amritsari kulche amritsar20150220-AZ1_8465You have to have at least one Thums Up when you are in India!20150220-AZ1_8460

Gurdas Ram Jalebi Wala
Jalebi is not usually my favourite sweet, but  I ate more than my share of this plate! If you go to Amritsar you cannot leave without trying these jalebis, seriously if you do we can’t be friends any more. You must try these!gurdas ram jalebiwala amritsar20150222-AZ1_9088

Honourable Mentions
I know everyone can’t spend their whole trip pigging out, but if you happen to have time…you might want to try; anything made with nutri-champ (this is a soya mixture they use to make ‘vegetarian chicken’ skewers and it’s delish), a mixed fruit juice from a road-side vendor, Bira’s chicken if you need a break from vegetarian fare, and the lemon coriander soup at Food Court restaurant. The flavour of that soup is still lingering on my tongue.  

Sadly I never had any amb papad (mango fruit leather) while in Amritsar and it’s my one regret. I guess I’ll just have to plan another trip to try it out! Did I miss any of your favourites from the Golden City? Leave a comment and let me know. 

Images by Aziz Dhamani Photography for Pink Chai Media. 



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  1. bal anand
    August 5, 2016 / 7:16 pm

    Hello, nice and awesome foods.
    I like chai.
    Couple of years ago in 2005 I was in Amritsar and enjoyed pink tea. I bought couple packets with me .
    But now if I try to find pink tea in Amritsar, I could not find it on any site .
    I am chai drinker and I miss my pink tea,
    can u help find me the pink tea trader in Amritsar.

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