Easy Lohri Table Decorations: Step-by-Step

It’s no secret that I love to entertain. Nothing makes my heart as happy as a full house, lively conversation, and full bellies. I love parties so much that this year I even chose Celebrate as my word of the year! (Okay there is a much deeper reason why I chose the word, but it really does fit here).

When it comes to dinner parties or other celebrations, I really think that the details matter. A pretty table runner, quirky wine glasses, or even a few strategically placed candles can make all the difference when it comes to ambiance. That is why I think you need to take a little inspiration from this Lohri Table Decor to create a special dinner at your house this weekend.

Lohri Table Decorations

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My goal when I was creating this table was for it to have a traditional look with the phulkari, but a modern aesthetic. That’s why we pulled in the clear jars, candles, and flowers. For the colour theme I played off the phulkari, but also took inspiration from Thanksgiving & fall inspired palettes. If there is one thing I’ve learned about decor or design in general in the last few years it’s that you don’t have to do what everyone else does, and you don’t have to follow a traditional colour scheme either.

So let’s break this look down in a more step-by-step sort of way.

What You’ll Need:

  • phulkari or pretty tablecloth (don’t fret if you don’t have a phulkari – we’ll talk more about this later in the post)
  • glass jars in various sizes
  • peanuts, rewri, mithi saunf (or other food items you want to display)
  • flowers – fresh or fake
  • candle

phulkari bhag, phulkari dupatta


Step 1: Choose a base for your Lohri table decor. 
I used this traditional phulkari as my base, but if you don’t have one, you can pick any other dupatta that you have handy. Just keep in mind that we’ll be building our colour scheme for the whole table scheme off this dupatta.

You can also use any colourful tablecloth that you like if you don’t want to use a dupatta. I would just try to go with something that has some brighter tones that will contrast the rewri and peanuts we are going to use as decor.

*note – I’ve seen some really nice phulkari dupattas on Amazon and am thinking of ordering a back-up one for using as table decor. Here’s a multi-colour, pink, and yellow option if you are interested!

lohri table decorations

Step 2: Choose flowers or greenery 
Personally, I love fresh flowers and don’t mind splurging on them for a special event, but you can also use plastic flowers or greenery, no judgment. In fact, in the picture below you can see that I used fake flowers for my Friendsgiving table a few years ago.

The thing to remember with flowers and greenery is repetition. If possible, repeat the same plant/flowers a few times on the table. If you are looking save some money, buy a bouquet and break it up into three pieces.

Step 3: Add in glass vases and jars filled with treats 
Grab some glass vases from around the house an fill them up with gur, rewri, and any other treats you want to feature on your Lohri table, (our gur candies would be perfect here!) The only thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want the colours of the treats to clash with your table cover. If your tablecloth is bright or has a busy pattern, keep it simple. But if you go with a plain table cover, go all out with fun colours and packaging for your treats.

Step 4: Finish with candles
Can there ever be enough candles on a dinner table? I chose some copper toned candle holders that match my phulkari and some basic tealights. If you are unsure what to choose, you can never go wrong with glass candle holders and beige or champagne coloured candles. White is very nice, but can almost clash with other colours so I lean toward beige.

lohri table decorations

Table Decor Tips:

Have different levels on your table. Some items should sit higher, and others should be lower. On my table I used copper bowls (normally used for serving food) to elevate the flowers and give them some separation from the glass jars.

Work in groups of three (or another odd number). I don’t know why it works, but this decorating tip make a big difference. For example, three candles together look pleasing to the eye, but four might look like too much – try it out!



I hope this post inspires you to dress up your Lohri table!

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