Host a Holiday Chai Party

With the holiday season in full swing and invitations coming in daily, some of us (not me of course) might have just realized we forgot to plan a holiday get together. Thankfully, like always, chai can save the day.

hosting a chai party

hosting a chai party[You can easily find letters like this at your local Michael’s]

Without too much prep work or planning, you can throw together a holiday chai party, the only caveat; you’ll have to figure out a date when most of your friends are still available in December.  hosting a chai party

We recently hosted a media chai tasting for our client Harris 120. It was a larger scale event, but some of the same ideas could easily be applied to a quick holiday get together.  Keep reading for my simple ‘chai hacks’, and a few tips for hosting your on holiday chai party.

hosting a chai party[Having a little fun with Salma and Taslim]

Encourage your friends to wear Indian
It’s fun to dress up, and it makes your little get together feel like a special event.

Have a photo backdrop
Your photo backdrop does not have to be complicated. Stop by a local Winners or Marshall’s and pick up a fun Indian inspired bed sheet. Pin it to the wall and start clicking

hosting a chai party

Serve a variety of chai
I like to make a batch of my classic chai recipe using loose leaf mamri tea, and put out some instant chai moments. If you want to take things up a notch, make one of my custom flavoured chais (I think orange is the perfect fit for the season).

Always serve chai in real cups 
No Styrofoam, nothing disposable, no excuses. Tea (and chai) should always be served with a saucer. Mugs are perfectly acceptable when it’s tea for one or two. Any more than two guests and you need to pull out the tea service.

hosting a chai party

hosting a chai party

Serve a variety of finger foods on pretty tiered trays
Finger foods don’t make anyone feel like they are over-eating, and pretty trays are self explanatory.

Buy your appies
If we are taking about keeping things simple, you have to buy the food. Spend your time an energy on making a great cup of chai and catching up with friends.

diy travel tumblers for chai

Send your guests home with a gift.
I’m leaning towards DIY travel tumblers and Chai Moments. So simple and so pretty.


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