Embroidered Summer Kurta

We are just over a week away from my cousin’s wedding, and I’m already feeling tired from all the prep work. It feels we’ve been shopping for weeks. Between Zara and my desi clothes, and the boys needing to make multiple trips to the mall for suits, dress shirts, ties etc, my feet and my wallet are starting to feel the ache. The truth is though, I can hardly wait to get all dressed up and get my balle balle on. 

Since next week is going to be all about bling and heavy makeup, I’m soaking up the simple beauty of this kurta from Armaan right now. (Armaan DBG the boutique, not my son – confusing I know.)

embroidered summer kurta

[The soft shade of the kurta even inspired me to create a new lighter makeup look for summer]

embroidered summer kurta

I picked up this sheer, hand embroidered kurta last summer but barely wore it. One because it’s not a colour I wear often and was really struggling to style it, and it was just too long for me. I wore it once at full length and it just didn’t feel right. A few weeks ago I finally asked my mom to hem it for me, and now I’m in love. It’s amazing how a little alteration can make an old piece feel new again.

I’m loving how this piece pairs with these white denim capris, but I’m also planning on wearing it with white pantyhose style pyjami and a simple white dupatta for desi events. 

Shopping Details:
Kurta: Armaan DBG – Payal Plaza, Surrey BC
Jeans: GAP 
Jhuti: Amritsar street Bazaar



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