Diwali Checklist {Printable}

Guess what guys? It’s 30 days to Diwali 2017 today, the countdown is on! In case it hasn’t been obvious from all of my posts and Insta stories over the last few weeks, I’m kind of excited. This is absolutely the best time of the year. The season starts with Thanksgiving, then my birthday, Diwali, Christmas…it all just flows into each other. But, without a doubt, my most favouritest holiday of the year is Diwali. (Yes, I believe favouritest should be a word).

Each year I start posting my Diwali decor projects and cooking experiments a week or two out, and readers always reach out to say they would love to do more for Diwali if they had time. This year I’m sharing my personal checklist for the festival as a downloadable PDF so you can start early, and plan with me. We can be DiwaliBFF’s – it’s a thing.

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Click here >> Diwali Checklist – Pink Chai Living << to download the printable.


This list is not a must-do, but more of an inspiration point. There are things on here that are important to my family, but you may not be interested in. We use this time of year as an excuse to update our bedding and switch out pillows, but you might do that at a different time of the year. My mom always takes down all her curtains and gets them cleaned before Diwali – that’s her thing. When it comes to cleaning and decorating, make your own rituals and traditions.

For me, the only must-do’s for Diwali are a clean front step, dinner with the family, and lots of light – from diyas, candles, or even Christmas tree lights, everything else is a nice bonus. Actually, the first year that Mr. T and I were on our own after we got married, all I did for Diwali was light 5 tea light candles. It has taken me nearly a decade to get to a place where we go all out. Start your celebrations with whatever feels right to you – it’s your family’s Diwali.


I shared my list, now tell me what’s on yours? How do you prepare? What are your family traditions? Leave me a comment & let me know – I’m kinda of nosey like that!


If you are looking for more Diwali resources, check out all the posts I’ve done on Diwali over the years!

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