Creating Holiday Memories with Disney Junior

One of my favourite things about the holiday season is all the annual traditions. There are certain things we always do every year without fail, and both the kids and I look forward to them. Some of our traditions around the holidays are; going shopping for all their cousin’s gifts, buying a poinsettia, and making dessert for the big Christmas dinner. This year I decided to add a fun new tradition. I’ve heard of a lot of families allowing the kids to open one present on Christmas Eve, or gifting the kids pajamas a few days before the holidays, so I thought it would be fun to give the kids a “tree decorating day present” (I’m still working on a cool name for it!)rainbow dazzle minnie
On the day that we decorated the tree – which is also something that we do together – I gave each of the kids a gift to mark the start of the season. Since the Disney Junior channel has recently returned to Canada and it’s been on a lot in our house, both Zara and I have had Minnie on the brain. I love that the girl loves my favourite Disney character, so
Rainbow Dazzle Minnie made the perfect surprise gift for her.

After decorating Zara and I got down to the important work; play. I have to admit, before I had the chance to do a little work with Disney Jr this holiday season, I’d sort of been avoiding the toy aisle when shopping for Z, and heading straight for electronics and clothes. She’s in that weird pre-teen age (8) where she’s not quite old enough for teenager stuff, and a little bit too old for some toys. Here’s what we learned about Rainbow Dazzle Minnie, she’s probably super fun for little kids that like to push buttons and hear the same phrases repeated over and over, but she’s also great for imaginative play!rainbow dazzle minnie

We’ve been using Minnie as a cashier at our own Minnie’s Bowtique store, she’s been the host of a riveting game of charades, and sometimes she just sits next to us on the couch when we are watching Sophia the First or Doc McStuffins (our other Disney Jr faves!)

Honestly, when I get the opportunity to partner with a brand I try to work with products that my family already loves and trusts, but when we learn something new, or create a fun tradition through a partnership it is the best. This experience has me thinking of having one tech free Sunday afternoon a month where parents and kids just get on the floor and play with toys. What do you think?

This post was brought to you by Disney Jr, but the opinions are all my own! If you want to know what’s playing next on Disney Jr, check out their schedule here.


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