What’s 5G and Why Does it Matter to You & Me?

Confession time. I’ve only recently learned about 5G  technology and what it actually does. I know that might not seem like such a big deal, but it is! We use cellular network technology and mobile internet services literally every day and most of us don’t really know much about it. Personally, I spend so much time researching productivity tools, and new technologies for my business but have never really thought about how the mobile network I use is a part of my toolkit too. As they say on TikTok #HowBizzare? 

For the next few months I’m partnering up with TELUS on a campaign to understand and promote their TELUS 5G network. So I thought the best place to start was with a little 101 – for you and for me! 

Let’s start with: What is 5G?

In short, 5G stands for 5th generation mobile network. Since the 1980s when cell phones were first introduced, providers have worked with 1G – 4G. Each version of mobile networks has been better than the last, and TELUS 5G is basically just blowing the lid off of what we thought was possible. As 5G evolves, it will bring amazing speeds, capacity for exponentially more devices and responsiveness, with its power to move huge amounts of data and connect more devices than previous network technology. 

What are the big benefits of Telus 5G?

What the TELUS 5G network brings us is data moving at the highest speeds, low latency (which in short means almost no lag time in transfer of data), an extremely reliable cellular network that will create a uniform experience for users regardless of location.

This cellular technology is going to change so many industries. It’s creating new jobs and economic opportunities right now, but it’s also going to make a world of difference to how content creators can stream, download and upload content. It will greatly improve the gaming experience, and maybe most importantly it’s going to allow for mobile medical treatments and procedures. This could save lives around the world. 

Wait, I’m still not sure how the TELUS 5G mobile network affects me though? 

Okay, so we are all for big worldwide changes, but how does the TELUS 5G Network benefit people like you and me in the everyday? Here are some of the things I’ve noticed after using the network for a few weeks. 

  • My insta stories load in seconds, no more of that spinning circle and ‘waiting to post’ business. 
  • Zoom or video calls from the car (not while driving obviously), are crystal clear. I can literally get a better image in the parking lot than in my office on our standard wifi sometimes. 
  • Browsing time is lighting fast compared to my old phone. 

Overall, I just feel like the user experience of TELUS 5G is so much better for me. It’s almost like an invisible assistant moving things along faster for me. It’s exciting to know that this is just the beginning of the rollout for TELUS 5G technology and we’ll be seeing even more enhancements and benefits over the next few years. 

*This post is sponsored by Telus. All opinions are my own.


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