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The Welcome of Home + Carry On Bag Giveaway from British Airways: CLOSED


Dec 5, 2014

PLEASE NOTE: The giveaway is now closed and we are counting entries. Once a winner has been selected (using the post will be updated to reflect the winners name. Thank you!

I remember the first time I went to India and how much preparation went into that trip. My mom spent weeks buying gifts for family, stuffing several suitcases, and weighing them over an over to make sure they weren’t ‘over limit’. Not to mention the fact that she was taking a nearly 24 hour journey with two kids which required packing our essentials, extra clothes, entertainment, and snacks. It was quite the undertaking! 

british airways welcome of home

As Mr. T and I are planning our first trip back home with the kids next fall, I’m already starting to worry about baggage allowances a little. Thankfully British Airways understands that Indians travel to home with a lot of gifts, and come back with a lot too, so they allow for extra baggage on flights from between North American and Indian cities!

I was pretty much already convinced that British Airways is the best choice for flying home because of the amazing experience I had flying to London with them when Armaan was just 5 months old – the flight attendants were so helpful {hello bathroom breaks for mom}, kind enough to warm up milk multiple times, and even shared tips on making the landing and take off easier on his tiny ears. However, when I started researching British Airways and the Welcome of Home program I realized there are so many other reasons to choose BA…

  • Almost all flights out of Canada to India connect through Heathrow’s Terminal 5 which is pretty much the most amazing airport terminal in the world {hello shopping!}, and you can fly into one of 5 cities in India – Bengalaru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai
  • Meals service with a touch of desi spices, and the option to choose a culturally appropriate meal that reflects your spiritual choices
  • Seat back Bollywood movies – I’m seriously excited about this one, because well…it’s a long flight from Vancouver to Delhi!

british airways welcome of home{Just a girl with her kindle & tiffin waiting to board a fabulous British Airways flight!}

Now that I’ve convinced the Mr. that we should make a trip back home, and we’ve decided on an airline, it’s time to start thinking about what to pack, and how we’ll entertain ourselves on the flight. The good news is; the lovely team at British Airways, sent me a little package to help prepare, and one my lucky readers will win the same package too! {I told you they are awesome!}

British Airways had already picked out some pretty amazing goodies to include in the giveaway, but they also asked me to help choose one more item that reminded me of home. My choice; the tiffin box. There’s something uniquely ‘desi’ and quaint about this innovative food storage container that takes me right back to the heart of Ghumar Mandi Chowk in Ludhiana {my favourite bazaar in Punjab!}. I love how people hang them off their cycles and scooters on their way to work, and little girls wearing red ribbons in their hair clutch them tightly on the way to school! I hope the giveaway winner enjoys this little tiffin box as much as I will.

long champ le pliage carry on

welcome of home contestSo what’s the deal with the contest? One of you lucky ladies {or gents} will win this Long Champ carry on bag filled with all the goodies seen above:

  • Rajasthani twilight henna kit
  • Indian spice box
  • Tiffin box
  • Calling cards to call home
  • Incense box & incense 
  • kindle paperwhite e-reader {Yup, that too!! Hello reading on long flights!}

How to Enter:

There are three way to enter {you can gain a maximum of three entries}

1. Leave a comment below telling me in 5 words or less what the Welcome of Home means to you using the hashtag #WelcomeofHome

2. Send me a tweet telling me in 5 words or less what the Welcome of Home means to you. You must tag @pinkchai in the tweet, and use the hashtag #welcomeofhome to qualify. 

3. Post on the Pink Chai Facebook page {} 5 words that say what the Welcome of Home means to you. Make sure you post directly on the page and use the hashtag #WelcomeofHome so I can find your entry!

Fine Print: The contest will run until 11:59pm on Dec 12, 2014, and the winner will be drawn at random. Once a winner is drawn they will have 48 hours to respond via email, if no response is received the prize will be redrawn. Winner must live in the United States or Canada to qualify.

Text by: Raj Thandhi
Photos: Aziz Dhamani Photography


  1. Kelly Krol says:

    #WelcomeofHome means being with my family over the holidays

  2. A hug from my son. #WelcomeofHome

  3. eschelle says:

    #welcomeofhome is the smell of comfort food in the air

  4. #welcomeofhome: big smiles and many hugs!

  5. Brenda Bird says:

    #welcomeofhome : smiles of friends and family

  6. Allyson McGrane says:

    Big prairie sky #welcomeofhome

  7. Sonia says:

    #WelcomeofHome Seeing Grandparents and my birthplace

  8. Farin -- says:

    #welcomeofhome means tight hugs

  9. DebH says:

    #WelcomeofHome baking, duvet, family, love, warmth

  10. Denise B says:

    #WelcomeofHome family, fresh baking, food, Quebec

  11. julielaura1 says:

    #WelcomeofHome makes my heart fill with love!

  12. Janet M says:

    #WelcomeofHome It means seeing my family at the door for the holidays!

  13. Rupinder Kaur says:

    Hugging my loved ones tightly! #WelcomeofHome

  14. Salina Siu says:

    #WelcomeofHome means sleeping in my own bed again!

  15. kay says:

    #Welcomeofhome was hugging my Parents but now my husband

  16. neha gupta says:

    #WelcomeofHome love in everything and everyway

  17. Rekha says:

    #welcomeofhome means the enticing aromas of dinner!

  18. Marilyn Legault says:

    #WelcomeofHome means warm hugs by family

  19. Suzi MH says:

    Feeling special love you’ve missed #WelcomeofHome

  20. Suzi MH says:

    Posted on Facebook (I’m counting down the days until I’m truly #WelcomeofHome so thank you!) 🙂

  21. Anne Taylor says:

    #WelcomeofHome means to me, love, hugs, comfort and a lot of laughter!

  22. shaunna13 says:

    #Welcomehome means smiling faces and voices yelling mama your home! love it

  23. Sunshine H says:

    #WelcomeofHome : daughter and my own bed

  24. Pamela says:

    Unconditional love and acceptance #WelcomeofHome

  25. Kam says:

    #WelcomeofHome means hugs, laughter, and home-cooked meals!

  26. RickyR. says:

    #WelcomeofHome means being with my son!

  27. Angie Rehal says:

    #WelcomeofHome sweet cherished time and family

  28. #WelcomeofHome Family, Fun, Food, Hugs, Memories

  29. salmadinani says:

    #welcomeofhome Home is definitely where the heart (the kids) are.

  30. Sarita G says:

    #welcomeofhome is sweet, sweet family time!

  31. BlessedTA says:

    #WelcomeofHome unconditional love

  32. Nisha says:

    Not an entry post, just to stopping by to say how cute that first pic is 🙂

  33. batye says:

    #WelcomeofHome be free, healthy and around family…

  34. #WelcomeofHome means snuggles in bed with my guys

  35. #WelcomeofHome Where I feel like myself

  36. #WelcomeofHome The Smell of the Ocean

  37. 5hiftlife says:

    #welcomeofhome means to me a cup of tea!

  38. Loretta says:

    #welcomeofhome means to me a hot cup of tea!

  39. Casey Miller says:

    Tim Horton’s – #WelcomeofHome

  40. Jenn Andrews says:

    Family & Tim Hortons. #WelcomeofHome

  41. Jasen H says:

    Comfort, relaxation, and Family. #WelcomeofHome

  42. Josh S says:

    A kiss from my wife #WelcomeofHome

  43. Neelam Katara says:

    #Welcomeofhome heart warming memories of home

  44. consciouspr says:

    #WelcomeofHome is food, family, laughter, hugs.

  45. Meena says:

    #welcomeofhome connecting with family and roots

  46. Home is where hugs are. #WelcomeofHome

  47. Akhina says:

    #welcomeofhome My mom’s Kerela style cooking

  48. #WelcomeofHome Relaxing in my own bed

  49. Roopa says:

    #WelcomeofHome means love and laughter and bear hugs with the family I was born into and the family I married into!

  50. Heena says:

    #WelcomeofHome smiles, hugs, smells, perspective, gratitude

  51. Familiar aromas, tastes and hugs #WelcomeOfHome

  52. Pooja says:

    My massi’s world famous headmassages! #welcomeofhome

  53. #WelcomeofHome Comfort, love, friends, family, food.

  54. Emmy Sla says:

    Family that loves me unconditionally<3!!! #WelcomeOfHome 🙂

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