Gratitude & an Attitude Adjustment

DSC_1705Today has been a tough day. It started with several trips back and forth between the Indian visa office and my mom’s place due to a mistake I made on her forms and a forgotten passport. Then a project I was super excited about fell through, followed by a discovery that a very well known website has basically been copying my concepts and blog posts.

Every time I bring up the idea of someone stealing my work online, someone inevitably says “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” I’m sorry, but I respectfully disagree. When someone makes their livelihood as a creative entrepreneur (as I do), it’s wrong, and it’s disrespectful. As a self-employed writer and content creator I pour a great deal of time and energy into this site because it’s my online portfolio. It’s not okay for someone to stop by, see what I’m doing, and try to duplicate it on their site.

(Side note; if you decide to start a blog or e-magazine, you should really know how to create your own content before taking the leap.)

I was fully prepared to feel sorry for myself all day, but then two amazing things happened; a very good friend took me out for lunch, followed by Krispy Kreme donughts (because he knows that food is my love language) in an effort to cheer me up, and I saw this on Taslim’s Instagram feed


I’ve shared a number of times before how much I love and admire Taslim’s energy, but I also adore her ability to see the good and positive in any situation. She had a near miss in the car with her baby and found gratitude in that, and I’m sitting around complaining about one jerk stealing my content – instant attitude adjustment.

Today I’m grateful that I have such an amazing circle of friends; those who listen to me rant (N &V.. thank you), those who take care of me, and those who inspire me just be being their awesome selves. 

Featured image by: Aziz Dhamani


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  1. September 23, 2015 / 5:50 am

    So sorry to hear that someone has been stealing your content, Raj! With how much work you put into developing your brand and content, it’s just sickening that someone could do that.

    And Taslim’s post definitely gives me something to think about – finding the good in the bad isn’t easy, but it’s a must (and I’m so glad she and her baby are ok!!).

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