Diwali Timbits aka Mango Cream Cheese Filled Donut Holes

I can still remember the exact moment I tried a cream stuffed gulab jamun for the first time. It was about 11 years ago at my little sister’s Roka ceremony. Her mother in law had brought the most amazing assortment of Bengali mithai from her favourite sweet shop in Toronto, and that included cream filled, melt in your mouth gulab jamun. I’ve never had gulab jamun like that again – they just don’t make them the same in BC.

diwali cookie box, diwali timbits

diwali timbits

This “mithai hack” was inspired by that creamy filling I tasted so many years ago. We took some basic glazed Timbits (aka donut holes), and filled them with a silky cream cheese and mango filling – and just like that you have Diwali Timbits! They were the perfect addition to our Diwali Cookie Box.  And honestly, if you don’t have time to do cookies or a variety box, they are the perfect little treat to pop into cello bags and give out on their own. You can even serve them up with tea for Diwali guests.

There really isn’t a recipe for Diwali Timbits, it’s more of a process with a few little tips. If you are nervous about baking, or if you don’t have a lot of skills in the kitchen yet, this is the dessert to start with this festive season. Trust me, everyone will love it!

diwali timbits


[wc_fa icon=”heart-o” margin_left=”” margin_right=”” class=””][/wc_fa] DIWALI TIMBITS

20 Timbits or donut holes*
1/2 cup of cream cheese
2 tbs of mango puree (I used a store bought version)

*You’ll want to use fresh Timbits for the best tasting results, and you’ll want to give them out or gobble them up in a day or two. The only down fall to this recipe is that it isn’t great for making ahead. But thankfully there is a Tim’s on almost any corner and these are super easy to whip up!


1. Mix the cream cheese and mango puree together

diwali timbits

2. Fill a piping bag and attach a #2 tip.

You can also use a thick freezer bag and cut a thin hole into side, but you may need to slightly freeze your filling to make the process easier. Leave it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. You don’t want it to be so hard that you can’t push it out of the bag, but also not drippy.

3. Gently insert the piping tip into the Timbit – you don’t want it to come out the other side, and fill.

4. Dust with icing sugar if you like. That’s it!

diwali timbits, diwali cookie box, diwali cookies





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