Colour Blocked Chudiyan: Trend to Try

There are few Indian accessories that delight me as much an arm full of chudiyan (bangles). The combination of colours, and the jingle of metal (or even better) glass, is one of my favourite parts of getting dolled up in desi attire. how to wear chudiyan - indian bangles

Most desi girls have the same drill when it comes to chudiyan – choose 2-3 colours that appear in your outfit and then alternate the bangles; green,blue, pink, green, blue, pink, etc. The only problem with that look is that all the colours get lost in a blur.  My solution; colour blocking my chudiyan. how to wear chudiyan - indian bangleshow to wear chudiyan - indian bangles

To pull this look off all you have to do is group your chudiyan together by colour, no mixing. I love how the pink and blue both stand out vividly in this look, and I think it works best when using two colours. {Side note – I’ve totally been holding this idea in my subconscious mind since the late 80’s. I remember seeing Reena Roy pair her chudiyan like this in a song from Kalicharan and loving it. Yes, I have a Bollywood reference for everything!}how to wear chudiyan - indian bangleshow to wear chudiyan - indian bangles

If you really like alternating the colour of your chudiyan and aren’t quite ready to give it up, you can still colour block. Trying stacking 3-4 bangles of each colour together and then alternating the pattern. This way you can still see each individual colour, but you get the alternating effect. 

I know it might seem a little silly to some people to spend so much time working through the perfect arrangements for your chudiyan, but it’s one way I trick my brain into thinking I got new accessories! I love trying to come up with new ways to use the same old pieces that I know everyone else will be wearing, but with my personal touch.

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