3 Easy Holi Traditions to Start This Year

Holi is not a festival that I grew up celebrating, but man did I want to. All the Bollywood songs made it seem like so much fun! Everyone is drenched in colour from head to toe, people are throwing coloured powder into the air, and the songs are so catchy. Unfortunately playing Holi with colours just doesn’t work in my climate most years – colour fight in the snow anyone? And to be honest, the idea of trying to collect all those colours and find a space to have a colour fight, and cleaning my sofas afterwards is too much to for me.

This year my kids have been asking about Holi and I wanted to bring the fun of the festival to our house minus the mess, so I’ve planned 3 new activities to try out this weekend. We’ll see what everyone enjoys and then plan to do it again next year. That’s how easy it is to create a new (and unique to your family tradition). Not everyone grew up celebrating all the desi holidays, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start the tradition with our kids. Sharing below what we are planning on doing to celebrate Holi sans a colour fight. 

holi traditions

3 Easy Holi Traditions to Start This Year

Rainbow Dinner:
I’m planning on making a rainbow pasta on Friday night which will be followed up with some sort of rainbow dessert (cake or ice cream maybe), and I might even serve dinner on rainbow plates which are easy enough to source at the Dollar Store. 

My kids might actually be a bit old for a rainbow dinner, but I still think it could be fun. If a full dinner is too much for you to pull together, how about some rainbow idli for an afternoon snack. 

Family Game Night:
Following the rainbow dinner party, I’m planning a board game tournament. For this to feel different than your average game night I’m thinking of getting a new game, setting up mini games (Minute to Win It style), and picking up some cheesy prizes for the winner.

Splatter Art:
We have a couple of empty walls in our house that could do with some big pieces, so I’m going to work with the kids to create some splatter art on Saturday. We’ve done this before at a local art studio and it can get messy! If you do it at the studio you’ll probably come home looking like you played Holi. 

Splatter art is perfect for us this year because we have all the supplies at home, but you can do any art project. I’m secretly hoping this is the one that will become an annual tradition for Holi – family art projects. 


If you’ve been wanting to celebrate Holi (or any other cultural holiday) with your family but have hesitated because of lack of knowledge, supplies, or the complexity of rituals, I hope you’ll be inspired to create your own new traditions! While I absolutely believe in respecting tradition, there is always room personal family traditions in my opinion.

Also, if you are interested in following along on how we celebrate at the Pink Chai house, I usually share behind the scenes happenings on Insta Stories. Are you following yet?






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