Favourite Find Rimmel Eye Liner Pencils

Today’s favourite find is Rimmel eye liner pencils – their soft pencils rock!

rimmel eyeliner review

{My two absolute favourites: L- Special Eyes Liner in Azure, R – Soft Kohl in Jet Black}

I recently received a few different Rimmel eye liner products to try out, and am completely smitten with their soft pencils, especially the blue one. I’m a die-hard liquid liner fan and can apply it with one hand tied behind my back, but some days I want to change things up. The problem is, I don’t know how to apply eye shadow – other than wearing one dramatic colour across my lid. Such an intense look doesn’t really fly for every day though. That’s where the coloured pencil comes in….rimmel liner review

Just a quick swipe of the pencil on the waterline and I’ve got a different look! (On a side note, there are varying views on whether you should apply liner on the waterline so be sure to google it and do your homework before you try). 

I’ve been equally impressed with the jet black Soft Kohl pencil and using it in place of liquid liner on the top of my eye. It goes on easy and lasts for most of the day. For a price point under $4, Rimmel eye liner pencils are a winner in my books.



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