The East Coast Desi Office {Bloggina Adda} Tour!

You know that moment when you are randomly scrolling Pinterest and you see a post or a picture that sucks you into someone’s blog & next thing you know it’s like 2 hours later? (Tell me I’m not the only person this happens too?) That is exactly what happened the first time I stumbled onto The East Coast Desi. I pretty much want to live at Sruthi’s house and drink chai with her everyday; I kind of have the biggest girl crush on her ever. 


On her blog and Facebook page Sruthi shares a variety of vignettes and inspiration for adding an Indian touch to your home, and the projects are so accessible. It’s usually just about styling a few little items or adding some personal touches – no need to rip out tiles or anything! I think her style appeals to me because of the “Indianess” and the projects because even as a renter I can apply many of those ideas to my home. My all-time favourite reveal on The East Coast Desi was the blogging adda {roughly translated: blogging headquarters/office}, and I’m super thrilled that Sruthi styled some special pictures just for Pink Chai Living readers and answered some q’s on the process behind the reveal. Grab a cup of chai and read on, this is good stuff!

blogadda home office 3{I love the bold colours in this room so much!}

Q: When you started designing the space did you have a look in mind or did it develop after you started shopping?

A: I always like to have a basic floor plan in place when it comes to designing a space. A good amount of research always helps in making informed decision about the bigger pieces of furniture that require big investment and are going to be a part of your daily routine…….

As for the genre of style that we wanted to achieve, we settled on an eclectic vibe so as to tie it in with the rest of the home.

IMG_1551 blogIMG_1580 blog

Q: Do you have any advice for people that are afraid of using bold colors?

A: Making bold color choices can be overwhelming…

  • Try adding them in smaller doses to your home, like a toss pillow, an art or a bunch of fresh flowers. Make the effort to build your emotional quotient with color and once you’re comfortable, you could bring it in with confidence.
  • Analyze which rooms in your home you are drawn to when you need consolation or are looking for a mood up lifter. There lies in your color cue.
  •  Another time tested technique is to sift through your wardrobe and understand what hues you’re attracted to and then apply that to your home as well.

Contain MeQ: How has this dedicated space changed your productivity and blogging schedule?

A: Focusing ones creative energy can be a challenge when one does not have a dedicated work space. Like majority of us, my dining table would multitask as my work space earlier. On account of which, I’d be preoccupied with other unresolved issues around me, disrupting my momentum.

However, having a dedicated work space helps me stay focused and grounded. Being surrounded by an environment that’s seeded with inspiration, color and positivity spurs my creativity resulting in imaginative and happy posts. As for answering the question if my blogging schedule has changed, I’d say, Hell Yes. Seeing your creative space staring you in the face, calling your name…..I have to answer it!

Q: Is there anything you wish you did differently?

A: I wouldn’t change a thing. My work space fosters creative success and that’s truly important to me.

Blog adda home office

Q: What is your favorite thing/feature in the space?

It has to be the inspiration wall. I love how my inspiration wall is a collage of positive memories. Layered with travel treasures, family heirlooms and artwork created by using Waterlogue App and my own photographs, it never ceases to inspire me when I’m running low on my creative spunk.

 I hope you enjoyed this peek into Sruthi’s “blogging adda”, I for one am inspired to work on a gallery wall in my dining room now! Also, I just learned that this room is nominated for a Room for Color award through apartment therapy, so if you enjoyed this post and the pics you can also give Sruthi some love and a vote here. 




  1. September 17, 2014 / 5:44 am

    Shruthi’s office is indeed going places – apartment therapy and here! well, it is a gorgeous room after all.
    Btw, it was nice to get introduced to your blog – will browse through your entries.


    • September 17, 2014 / 7:16 am

      Thank you for stopping by Deepa!

  2. September 17, 2014 / 9:29 am

    Thank you Raj for the wonderful feature at PCL. I truly enjoyed collaborating with you:) Wishing you luck !!!

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